Why Hiring a Licensed Plumber Is Important

Why Using A Licensed Plumber Is Necessary


The Indiana license law was enacted in 1972. Indiana Code 25-28.5-1-1 declares, as a matter of public policy, that the State of Indiana “ requires any persons engaging in the plumbing business to establish personal competency and qualification in order to safeguard the life, health, and welfare of its citizens.”

An apprentice plumber is required to obtain 7600 hours on the job training as well as four years school related training. Apprentices must register with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and be licensed by the state of Indiana.

By state law the plumbing license must be displayed in the plumber’s office, on the business card, on the vehicle, and in all forms of advertising.

The Problem

Using unlicensed plumbers can cause the contamination of the water supply through the improper installation of water heaters, water softeners, and sill cocks. Explosions and carbon monoxide poisonings leading to death have been caused by improper installation and servicing of boilers and water heaters. The biggest outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in Hong Kong spread through an improperly installed plumbing system in an apartment complex.

Many water heater manufacturers require a licensed plumber to install their products; otherwise, the warranty is void. Water heaters damaged by flooding may not show immediate problems, but unsafe conditions can develop over a period of time. For the safety of everyone involved, the water heater must be replaced by a licensed plumber.

Unlicensed activity leads to non-payment of sales tax, no contributions to social security, unemployment tax, or Medicare. The unlicensed rarely have insurance. They aren’t reporting their income and paying their income tax. There is no insurance on the job; no workman’s comp and usually no medical insurance. The consumer is paying their taxes, paying for their hospital visits, and paying to send their children to school.

What Happens If A Consumer Hires An Unlicensed Individual

Indiana Law (IC 25-28.5-1-36) relieves the consumer from paying for plumbing performed by unlicensed or unregistered persons.

The Solution

Make sure you ask to see the plumber’s license number before they work on your property. Call Indiana PHCC at (317) 575-9292 or click here for a list of licensed plumbers in your area.