What To Do When the Weather Freezes

Published: January 8, 2014

The act of freezing causes water to expand and that's when the damage happens, often causing a pipe to burst. Below are some precautions to take during these extremely cold periods to prevent frozen pipes followed by those expensive water leaks:

  • Open the cabinet doors under sinks to allow warmer air to the pipes and leave a trickle of water running. This is especially important if your sink backs up to an outside wall.
  • Pour Recreational Vehicle anti-freeze down washer drains that have been known to freeze in the past.
  • If you have a crawl space, the biggest cause of problems will be from any vents being open under your house. Be sure to close vents and plug holes to help prevent the cold air from getting in.
  • Know the location of your main water shut-off valve. If a pipe freezes or bursts, shut the water off immediately.
  • DO NOT use a torch or open flame to thaw a frozen water pipe. Turn the water off, then use a hair dryer, warm water, or a space heater to thaw a frozen pipe. Then slowly turn the water back on and check carefully for any leaks.
  • As always, when traveling, turn off the water.

REMEMBER: Allowing the water to run for a day or two will be less expensive than calling a plumber!

Tip courtesy of Nance Plumbing, PC19400017, Lebanon, (765) 482-4075