Pay Your Employees On-time

Published: February 2, 2015

Pay your employees on-time, and provide paystubs. Have you ever neglected paying your employees on time? Not paying someone on time is not ok! Regular pay periods with regular paydays are required by the government. Every state has different laws when it comes to how much time is allotted between paychecks, but not following proper pay practices may result in a penalty, employers are also required to provide paystubs (either electronic or paper). According to FLSA (fair labor standards act), an employer is required to keep an accurate record of hours worked and wages paid. This is something governed state to state and should be properly reflected in your paperwork.

Avitus Group is a member of the Indiana PHCC and we offer discounts on all our services through the association. Do you have a question about paying your employees, or are you having issues managing your company pay roll? Let the experts at Avitus group help!

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