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Published: August 26, 2020

PHCC’s New Multi-Employer 401(k) Program

Good for you: cost-effective, easy, boosts employee recruiting and retention.

Good for your workers: delivers the right solutions – and peace of mind – in planning for the future.

PHCC is excited to announce a powerful new retirement planning solution that leverages the strengths of group participation so that you can provide a competitive, turnkey 401(k) benefit to your employees. To develop this unique program, we have partnered with Lincoln Financial, a nationally recognized leader in retirement planning services, along with trusted experts from Certified Financial Services.

The Right Solution for Your Company

Our Multiple Employer Aggregation Program (MEAP) is a retirement plan solution that lets you offer your employees a 401(k) benefit that can help reduce your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities in the process. Find the perfect fit for you:

• Don’t currently have a retirement plan option for your employees? Reach out to learn more and receive a proposal/quote. An employee Retirement Plan option can be a recruiting benefit as well as a significant driver of employee retention!

• Already have a plan for your company? It’s worth asking for a free proposal to see if switching to this Group 401(k) Plan can save you time and money, give you greater peace of mind, and potentially provide added flexibility for your employees.

• Don’t qualify for a multi-employer retirement program? CFS offers other options, including those for sole proprietors.

Contact:  Donny Sheinwald, AIF
Regional Sales Director, Lincoln Financial
Retirement Plan Services
Mobile: 732-682-1840

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