IN PHCC At White House for Pledge to America's Workers

Published: January 17, 2020

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, PHCC members, state executives and staff were invited to the White House for an exclusive PHCC ceremony celebrating the association’s commitment to the Pledge to America’s Workers.  Indiana PHCC member Laura Ciriello-Benedict, Ciriello Plumbing, and state Executive Director Brenda Dant, attended the event.

The Pledge to America’s Workers is a workforce development initiative spearheaded by the Trump administration to encourage America’s employers to commit to training the next generation of workforce professionals. To date, the Pledge has generated a commitment from the American private sector to train and employ more than 14 million people over the next five years.

PHCC has committed to train 75,000 people through its plumbing and HVAC apprenticeship programs, placing in the top 10 percent of private sector organizations, including top-name Fortune 500 companies, that have made this commitment.

Before the ceremony, PHCC Educational Foundation leaders and contractors led a robust discussion with senior White House staff emphasizing the effectiveness and growth of PHCC’s registered apprentice programs and the role they play in maintaining a holistic approach to forming the complete p-h-c professional. After departing the White House, PHCC leaders went to Capitol Hill to continue spreading their message, meeting with senior members of the House Education and Labor Committee.

Successful completion of a PHCC apprentice program develops skilled professionals who have quality job opportunities, who provide needed services that maintain quality of life, and who have a range of job advancement possibilities, including the potential to own a business.

Salaries may match or exceed most graduates of four-year colleges, typically at a fraction of the cost. Students, schools and parents must learn to value apprenticeship and realize it is one of many career paths that may fulfill the American Dream. PHCC offered itself as a resource to the White House and policymakers in Washington as both the private and public sectors seek a solution to address the skills gap.

PHCC members have the opportunity to meet with lawmakers in Washington to continue the conversation on the issues important to business and the p-h-c industry. Be sure to save the date for the 2020 PHCC Legislative Conference, May 19-20, in Washington, D.C.