How can implementing safety programs help prevent injuries in the work place?

Published: January 5, 2015

How can implementing safety programs help prevent injuries in the work place? Did you know 87% of injuries are caused by human actions? Training is the key to effective injury prevention. Begin with the hiring process. An employer must ensure that potential employees are capable of doing the physical and mental demands listed in the job description. Injury prevention must be embraced at the leadership level to be effective. Some statistics show employees are most likely to have injuries when they feel their management doesn't care. An employer should try to prevent work place injury by knowing the dynamics and utilizing safety strategies.

Things to consider:

  • Implementing practical workplace safety programs with consistent owner(s) and management support
  • Wellness programs
  • Efficient communication programs that allow your business, injured employees, and insurance adjusters to easily communicate
  • A post-injury protocol, specifying the immediate reporting of an injury to appropriate personnel.
  • Implement a post-injury drug testing program, and let your employees know that you will be doing it
  • Routing injured employees to seek medical care from a provider specializing in occupational injuries
  • Providing early return to work for all time-loss injuries based upon the injured employee’s work restrictions from their healthcare provider. This single component can pay huge dividends in the long run
  • Staying in touch with both the injured employee and their medical provider, making sure that your business communicates its concern and care to the employee as they recover and accommodate any physical restriction recommended by the provider upon their return.

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