Garbage Disposal Tips

Published: November 25, 2013

Avoid Thanksgiving Disposal Disasters

To help prevent a stopped up kitchen sink drain during your Thanksgiving holiday, follow these suggestions:


  • Turn on a moderate to strong flow of cold water first, then turn on the disposer.
  • Continue running cold water for 15 seconds after grinding is completed, this allows the drain line to flush.
  • Remember the drain line from your sink may run up to 30 ft. or more before it exists your home.
  • Disposal cleaners, degreaser or deodorizers may be utilized to relieve objectionable odors caused by build-up. Citrus fruit peels can also be ground up to freshen the drain smells.
  • Grind hard materials such as small bones, fruit pits and ice. A scouring action is created by the particles inside the grind chamber.


  • Fill disposer with a lot of vegetable peels all at once. Instead, turn the water and disposal on first and then feed the peels gradually.
  • Grind extremely fibrous materials like corn husks, artichokes, celery, etc. They could cause drain blockage.
  • Pour grease or fat down your disposer or ANY drain. It can build up in pipes and cause drain blockages. Put grease in a jar or can and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Use hot water when grinding food waste; cold water is preferred. It is OK to drain hot water into the disposal between grinding periods.
  • Turn off the garbage disposal until grinding is completed.

Tips courtesy of Nance Plumbing, Lebanon, PC19400017