Apprentice Schools


Ft. Wayne Area

4-year Plumbing; 1st & 2nd year HVAC
Held: Sept thru May  
Cost: $1425 for year (PHCC members);
 Books, first aid courses included

School starts September 14, 2020

Donald Wayne Shumaker Training Facility
2330 Wayne Haven, Fort Wayne

Contact: Kristen Roberts
2330 Wayne Haven St.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46803
(260) 908-3997

South Central Chapter

(Jasper & Surrounding Area)

4-year Plumbing
Held: Jasper VU Tech Building

2 nights a week starting Aug 17 thru October 15, 2020

1st and 2nd year - Monday and Wednesday
3rd and 4th year - Tuesday and Thursday

Second semester:  Jan. 11 - Mar 18

Cost: $350/semester (members)
$700/semester (non-members)
Books not included


Contact:  TBD

Mechanical Skills Inc.

(Indianapolis & Surrounding Area)

4-year Plumbing
Held: Aug. thru May 1 night a week
Classes begin August 10, 2020
Cost: $725/semester (member)
$1125/semester (non-member)
Cost includes book fees, registration fees, apprentice license and shop fees

Distance Learning classes take place on same schedule.

Mechanical Skills
3535 E Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 352-1189

Southeastern Chapter

(New Albany/Charlestown/Jeffersonville Area)

4-year Plumbing
Held: Aug. thru May 2 nights a week
Classes start August 10, 2020
Prosser School of Technology, New Albany
Cost: $250/semester (member); Book & Shop fees extra
$450/semester (non-member); Book & shop fees extra

Contact: Tony Phillips
A.C. Phillips Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
PO Box 158
129 W Main St
Milltown, IN 47145
(812) 633-4252

North Central Chapter

(South Bend/Elkhart & Surrounding Area)

4-year Plumbing 
Held: Aug thru May 1 night a week
Classes begin Thursday, August 13, 2020
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Cost: Plumbing - $1500/year (member) $2270/year (non-member)
Classes held at the annex building at 28330 C R 10 in Elkhart, IN

Contact: Kelsey Shively
PO Box 474
Plymouth, IN 46563
(574) 941-4473

Southwestern Chapter

(Evansville & Surrounding Area)

4 year Plumbing and HVAC
Classes start Sept. 8, 2020

Classes held at various locations
Cost: $1200/semester (non-active member);
$375/semester (active member)
Excludes book fees

Contact: Becky Kamp
PO Box 3554 
14621 McCutchan Rd 
Evansville, IN
(812) 459-4536

Northwest Chapter

(Highland/Merrillville & Surrounding Area)

Type: 4-year Plumbing
Held: August thru May, 1 night a week
Classes begin week of August 17, 2020
Cost: $675/semester
$100 book fee

Contact: Clint Mann
Northwest IN PHCC Chapter
2406 W Offner Rd
Beecher, IL  60401
(219) 677-6965

St. Joe Valley

(South Bend & Surrounding Area)

Type: 5-year Commercial and Residential
Plumbing and Pipefitting (Union Shop)
Held: Aug. thru May 2 nights a week
Cost: No cost for class; book charge varies by class

Contact: Broc Buczolich
Apprentice Coordinator
website link:
(219) 273-0300