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  • Do You "Drive S.A.F.E." ?

    February 7, 2017

    How often do you consider that there are far more serious consequences to unsafe driving than just getting ticketed? In most states, if you killed or injured someone because of distracted driving or playing a

  • Indiana PHCC is offering a Medical Gas Installer certification course (ASSE 6010). The succesful completion of this required 32 hour course, requires a pass grade of 75% on a written exam and brazing of a

  • In an effort to further support our members, we have developed a cooperative relationship with NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry. NTEA represents leading manufacturers and distributors

  • Indiana PHCC continues to promote the opportunities for a great career in the p-h-c industry in Indiana. Through marketing research and meetings with career and high school counselors we now have materials

  • Question: When and how can suspensions can be used? What, if any, ramifications come with them? Response: There is no federal or state law in the state where the company operates that prohibits employers