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  • Powder actuated tools have the same operating characteristics as a loaded gun and should be treated with extreme caution. You should use powdered actuated tools only if you have been trained in operating them.

  • Every state has separate rules, penalties and fines when it comes to back wages, and they can get quite expensive. Some states can charge up to 110% penalty for wage or hour violations. Back wages can start

  • Driver Fatique

    March 3, 2015

    With just-in-time shipping schedules and a 24-hour workplace, driver fatigue is a major problem in industry today. Drowsy drivers are involved in many fatal traffic incidents, frequently taking occupants of

  • Looking for information regarding the new water heater efficiency standards going into effect on April 16, 2015, and how they’ll impact your business? PHCC has developed The Game Changer -a

  • How can implementing safety programs help prevent injuries in the work place? Did you know 87% of injuries are caused by human actions? Training is the key to effective injury prevention. Begin with the hiring