GIPHCC Honors Associate Members


GIPHCC Honors Associate Members

Esprit de Corp Winners Announced

Posted by:    |    Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Greater Indianapolis PHCC honored four longtime associate member supporters of the PHCC at their Vendor Showcase on November 14th at Primo's in Indianapolis.  Dennis Baumann, Fritz Steck, Fred Munds and Joe Pindell were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Each was introduced by a long time colleague who share stories of the industry commitment of the four men.  Gary Bynum, Plumbers Supply, outlined the career of the late Dennis Baumann and summed it up by saying three words described him "dedication, devotion, and loyalty."  In the audience was Dennis' wife, Joyce, and daughter, Chris. 

Tripp Cremer introduced Fritz Steck, Winthrop Supply.  Fritz's career spans 40 years and Tripp said he was "professional, honest & committed to the trade and PHCC."


Steve Hullett told the story of how P-M Associates was formed by the late Fred Munds and Joe Pindell.  Fred's wife, Ellen, and son, Rob attended the event.  While Fred and Joe had different personalities, they shared the common bond of the love of the trade and PHCC.  Joe was on hand and enjoyed the stories of contractors telling tales from the days of the picnics at Northern Beach. 

The plaque that showcases all of the members of the Hall of Fame is on display at the Mechanical Skills building in Indianapolis.