Member Resources


Member Resources

Helping Our Members Find Workers

Indiana PHCC  is developing the next generation of plumbers for our member companies by connecting with  the 18-24 year old market in a way understand.  Click here to see how the Plumbing Workforce Development program works.

Helping Our Members Stay Informed

Indiana PHCC members get a weekly electronic newsletter that keeps them informed on codes, training, meetings and more.  If you are a member and not getting it, please sign up here.

Helping Our Members Fight Unlicensed Plumbers

Are you tired of unlicensed "plumbers" working in our industry?  Are you tired of having a statewide license law with no bite?  Then let's do something about it!!  Our PHCC has already made lots of headway with the "Hire A Licensed Plumber" campaign.  We have made more strides in the past few years than ever before but we can do more.  The professionalism of our industry rests with the license.   Your PHCC has rolled out the FLAG Program (Find the License Attorney General).  Learn more here.

Helping Our Members Save $$$

Save money on your credit card fees.  Experience rates below any competitors.  WorldPay is committed to the success of not only our association, but the members we serve.  Contact Perry Pokrandt at 715-272-1246 or to see how much you can save on your bottom line. Check out the WorldPay member benefit!

Federated Insurance - Federated Insurance offers insurance protection products and services to meet virtually all the business and personal insurance needs of business owners.  Check out what they have an offer and meet the marketing rep for your area.  

Looking for a Tool Box Talk for your safety meeting?  Try one of these from QSC: