FLAG Program


FLAG Program

By Laura Ciriello-Benedict, Ciriello Plumbing. License CP8106131 

Are you tired of unlicensed "plumbers" working in our industry?  Are you tired of having a statewide license law with no bite?  Then let's do something about it!!  Our PHCC has already made lots of headway with the "Hire A Licensed Plumber" campaign.  We have made more strides in the past few years than ever before but we can do more.  The professionalism of our industry rests with the license. 

Your PHCC has rolled out the FLAG Program (Find the License Attorney General).  The program is simple, find an advertisement without a license number or take a picture of a vehicle advertising plumbing without a license number and email or snail mail to the Indiana PHCC office.  Brenda will then distribute the infraction across the state.  Next, fill out the official Consumer Complaint Form and drop it in the mail.  (We realize the official form doesn't meet all of the requirements but it will do for now!)  That is when the real fun starts; the Attorney General will receive complaint letters from all over the state at one time!

Take this time to make sure your own house is in order.  Know the law.  Make sure your license number is visible on your trucks and your advertisements.  Let the PHCC be your resource for any questions.   You know what they say; those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

The goal is very clear, flood the Attorney General's Office with these complaints and force them to take a stand against unlicensed "plumbers".  This may take 200 letters, it may take 20,000 letters but it will happen.  Your commitment of letterhead, envelopes, stamps and your time could make the difference and finally put real teeth into our law.  We are calling on all contractors, all associate members and all concerned citizens to join the FLAG distribution list and be part of the solution.  Add your name to the list today by clicking here!